Hi and welcome to Tongue Go Free Productions and Telling Tales Today – whether you Write, Direct, Edit,Compose, Produce or Act – all aspects of storytelling available at your leisure…

We’re working in very primitive conditions at the moment, sound production is not brilliant so this is definitely a work in progress re the videos and …er.. a lot of other things on this website. We’ll re-work sound on all the videos when we have a budget to do so and anything else!

We’re getting filming and editing done multi-thanks and praise go to Iphones & Ipads and all the super-dooper free apps and nearly free ones, we can get – I mean, some at 69p?You can’t go wrong, well you could but you don’t and you can’t beat that, well ‘free’ can and does but-cha know what I mean and another BFF is the wonderful Appsgonefree. What would we do without you? Every day, David rhapsodises on some new app that does marvellous things and helps us in our quest for a better look to our ‘shorts’ and soon to be ‘bigger projects!’ Watch this space.

Hope you enjoy the work within, the films, the writing – stories, scripts, novels, poems and what not and if you fancy joining in, can help in some small or large way, please feel free to give us a blast, right here

So, this is what we’ve been upta the last couple weeks and beyond.

Hope you have some fun poking around! Cheers! Here we go!


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